I’m Wisdom Zelda, and I was born in 2005. My dream is to be an author. This has been one of my goals ever since I read my first chapter book. As I closed it, I realized that whole new worlds could be opened to me. Since then, I have read around 500 books. You may have guessed that I am obsessed with reading. I read in the morning, I read during math (I confess), I read after lunch, I read after piano practice, and I read in the evening, and that’s a daily minimum.

But I have realized that there are many kids out there who haven’t been introduced to the world of  great books. Maybe you’re one of them. Maybe you’re not. In any case, it doesn’t really matter. I am here to help you discover some of the marvelous books I’ve read.

You may have wondered why I called this blog “Bookshelf Explorer.” It’s quite simple, really. I will post a new book review every other Tuesday (follow my blog by clicking the Follow button at the bottom right hand of the screen).  That way, you can discover how delightful old, musty books can be and how exciting the more modern ones can get–that is, if you read the books. I’ll try to steer you away from silly books that have insipid stories and obvious endings.

I think books are like food. Some books are like a snack. A cracker, let’s say. So yes, crackers are good. But crackers are nothing compared to a rich beefy stew, a plate of delicious creamy pasta, a warm golden quiche, or any food you simply adore. Those are the books that I want to introduce to you; books that are interesting, exciting, exhilarating, and — well, you know what I mean.

In each book review there’s a photograph. The photographs are property of my older sister, who, after reading my reviews, uses her mysterious (at least to me) photography skills to portray the review with an image. Also, at the end of each review there is the age group and genre (i.e. Middle school science fiction, ages 10-12) which helps you decide what audience the book is meant for.

Go ahead and discover your love for books.

Wisdom Zelda

January 2016